Three Awards for HandsOn Network Campaign

Atlanta-based marketing and PR agency Communications 21® was tasked with launching the re-brand of CityCares, an established global nonprofit, into HandsOn Network.  C21 came to WaveGuide Studios to create a video as the centerpiece of the launch event, and also as a fundraising and broadly disseminated PR tool for HandsOn Network. The video, which featured animations created from existing still photography, 3D animation and custom sound design, garnered three awards: a Gold Amy from the American Marketing Association, a Gold Flame Award from the International Association of Business Communicators, and a Phoenix Award from the Public Relations Society of America.

The video was completed within 15 days at virtually no cost to the client. Both Communications 21 and HandsOn Network expressed delight with both the finished video and the speed in which it was produced.  In addition to its use at the nationwide kickoff event, the video was shown at numerous fundraising events, and copies were distributed to potential new sources of funding for the organization.