We’ve been doing 3D animation since 1990 - longer than just about anybody in the southeast. But we don’t just do 3D - we’ve got the tools and expertise to illustrate and animate any concept you can think of.

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client: Idbids, LLC


The Idbids are cute, cuddly and eco-friendly: designed to help teach small children the "iddy-biddy" steps they can take to help save the planet. For their debut at the International Licensing Show, Idbids LLC asked WaveGuide Studios help present Waverly, Lola and Scout to environmentally-sensitive companies who might be interested in placing them on organic cotton T-shirts, recycled stainless-steel water bottles and the like. We took the challenge literally and produced (all in-house!) this animated piece in which the Idbids literally "audition" for the show attendees. They were, naturally, the hit of the show. Winner of an MCAI Award and two Telly Awards.


Rockdale Medical Center: A Fresh Approach

Cole Henderson Drake Advertising


We produced this spot for Cole Henderson Drake Advertising as part of a three-spot re-branding campaign for Rockdale Medical Center.  Design, graphics, animation, original score, sound design, recording and mixing, and video post services performed in house by WaveGuide Studios.  Telly Award winner.


Answer the Call

client: Call2Recycle


PSA for international non-profit dedicated to recycling batteries. Concept, script, production, animation, compositing, original score, post and color grading by WaveGuide Studios. MCAI and Telly award winner.


Smartlink System

client: Capsule Tech


Produced for Capsule Tech for trade show use, this video introduces Capsule's revolutionary Smartlinx™ system, which takes information from medical devices and stores, shares and analyzes the data for physicians and administrators to improve healthcare outcomes with improved efficiency and provide research data.  Concept, production, post, animation, audio and sound design by WaveGuide Studios.