A lot of video producers leave sound as an afterthought.  Not here. We take sound very seriously at WaveGuide Studios. To find out just how seriously, take a listen to some of our audio work, both standing on its own and working together with video. 



Radio is still a terrific medium – for the right product/client/service.  The goal for radio is to stand out from the clutter to grab your prospect’s attention, hold that attention and be memorable, since a call to action is usually subject to delay.  We’ve helped clients do those things, and do them well.


PSA spot reminds people that they can recycle their cell phones and rechargeable batteries (instead of letting them clutter up a drawer). Script, casting, recording, sound design and mix by WaveGuide Studios.


PSA spot alerts people to the fact that they can recycle their cell phones and rechargeable batteries. Script, casting, recording, sound design and mix by WaveGuide Studios.


Fun in the sun with Yamaha jet boats! Produced for Fain & Tripp Advertising: original score, production and post by WaveGuide Studios.


Pennies still have uses!  One use, at least.  Complete production and post services by WaveGuide Studios.


Life can be stressful enough.  Don’t add tires to your list of worries. Recording, sound design and mix by WaveGuide Studios.



Original Scores

There’s a lot of stock music out there – and sometimes we use it.  But there’s nothing like original music to set your video and your brand apart, and a score can precisely match the tone, edits and visuals of your project in ways that no stock track can.  At the same time, your score can’t just be unique.  It has to be great.  And “great” is our specialty.


Scores Medley

client: various

Snippets from scores we’ve written and recorded over the years for TV and radio spots, videos, entertainment projects etc.


client: DixieHomeCrafters/GutterGuard


The final installment in a three-spot campaign exploring the potential disasters that could befall homeowners without GutterGuard. Written and produced entirely by WaveGuide Studios: script, storyboards, HD production, animation, post, sound design, compositing and original score. The swamp scene was shot at the WaveGuide Studios Stage using a custom-built 300% scale gutter and house section. No frogs were harmed in the production, and both Biff and Scooter were given good homes afterwards.  Telly Award winner.


There is a solution

client: Call2Recycle


PSA produced for Call2Recycle encouraging people to recycle worn-out rechargeable batteries and cell phones in order to keep their toxic contents out of landfills and water supplies. Produced entirely by WaveGuide studios, from concept, writing, storyboards. HD production, animation, graphics, original score, compositing and color grading and mastering.


Radiaflect: Your home... Or your roof?

client: Gorell/ESP


Spot designed to tout the benefits of Radiaflect reflective insulation in the winter, particularly in northeastern markets. Produced in its entirety by WaveGuide Studios, from creative to post. Shot at the WaveGuide Studios Stage.  Concept, script, production, editing, graphics, compositing, ADR, sound design and original score by WaveGuide Studios.


Yamaha Fun Fest!

client: Fain & Tripp Advertising


Promotional spot for Yamaha Boats. Graphics, animation, original score and complete post services by WaveGuide Studios. Telly award winner. Agency: Fain & Tripp.



Sound Design

Sound can amplify - pardon the pun - the effect of any video project.  And unlike most production companies, we have complete sound design, foleys, and mix-to-picture services right here in our studio. Have a look - and a listen - to some of the samples below.


Vectren Source: Choices

Client: Killgannon McReynolds Advertising


TV Spot for a new natural gas provider in upstate New York.  Complete post, sound design, mixing, and mastering services provided by WaveGuide Studios.  


Four Episodes from Nineteen Eighty-Four

Client: Techne Films Limited


WaveGuide Studios provided complete picture and sound restoration for the Blu-ray re-release of Techne Films' award-winning "Four Episodes from 1984".  The original answer print was re-transferred to 2K digital; registration jitter, dust, and scratches were removed; and the picture was re-timed.  The original mono mix was completely scrapped and an all-new 96kHz stereo mix was created, cleaning up dialog and sound effects from the original field tapes, recording additional foleys and sound effects, and creating an all-new, immersive sound design.



Music Recording

Todd Watson, our in-house audio producer/engineer, got his start in the music business, recording big-name acts and becoming the go-to engineer at many southeastern recording studios.  When we built him a home here at WaveGuide, we made sure that his studio was album-ready. And he’s recorded albums in plenty for artists like Michael Stipe, Heavy D, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Canibus, Sophia Darcel and many more.