New Website (take 2)

Welcome, once again, to the all-new WaveGuide Studios mega website!  In the immortal words of Bullwinkle J. Moose, "This time for sure!"

And to celebrate, we’re beginning a whole new series of blog posts to help you take advantage of the power of video in your organization.  Some of them will even be on video.  How meta is that?

We’ll talk about how to use video on your website:

Where’s the video on YOUR web site?

How to decide which videos to produce internally, and which to hire out to professionals (and the answer will not be “Call WaveGuide Studios to create every last video project you even think of doing.” Just mostly.):

In-house vs. Out-of-house Production

When you do produce video in-house, you’ll need some stuff… and a little guidance:

Equipment for in-house video

The magic of b-roll

Sound on video

And when you decide to hire out, we’ll show you how to choose a production company and how to work with them:

How to find a production company

Don’t be afraid of professionals

Interviews and on-camera work play a big role, so we’ll have several posts on working either side of the camera:

Where to shoot an interview

Lighting an interview

How to conduct an interview

How to give good interview

What to wear on camera

We’ll have a series of posts on how video can help with every aspect of your organization:

The power of video: marketing

The power of video: sales

The power of video: training

The power of video: education

The power of video: PR

And we’ll doubtless come up with more.  And, as always, we’ll be posting on what we’ve been up to, new gear and awards we’ve collected, and other stories that we find, fun, interesting and useful.

Welcome aboard!  And keep in touch.  If there’s a subject you’d like us to include, let us know!  Or if you have a question, we’ll answer it.  And if you want us to work with you on a project, bring it on!

Especially that last one.  See you soon.