Striking Gold for Larson-Juhl

Peak Seven Marketing Solutions chose us to create an HD video to showcase their client Larson-Juhl’s top-of-the-line Concerto Collection for both consumers and retailers.

Peak Seven’s Tracey Smith told us that her goal was to share Concerto’s extraordinary story in a personal way that reflected the history behind the collection’s designs. Interviews with Concerto lead designer Marty Horowitz and Larson-Juhl CEO Steve McKenzie talked about the idea behind the collection and how Concerto can help retailers enhance their clients’ frame selection experience.

The project also featured several days of capturing footage of frames and artwork at our insert stage. Every one of the Concerto frames is a work of art in its own right, and to do justice to the collection, each frame had to be individually lit, which was a time-consuming. But the results were fantastic.  We put the camera on a mini-jib for most of the shots, and floating the camera around these lush works of impeccable gilded craftsmanship created some extraordinary colors and textures. Looking at the monitor, you could practically feel the frames.

The entire project was shot and posted in HD, including 2D/3D animation on still photographs from Larson-Juhl’s photo library. We obviously couldn’t bring the entire collection into the studio to photograph – it would have taken months.  But Larson-Juhl had a really high quality collection of catalog photos that we used to fill in the missing parts of the collection. We didn’t mimic the jib moves that we did in the studio, but created some complementary animations with multiple frames that helped build a really broad canvas for the show. Larson-Juhl retailers had the option of showing off the Concerto collection in SD on DVD, or via HD files on a media player.