WaveGuide Studios Illuminates New Product Line for Owens Corning

We were recently tasked with creating a four-spot national TV campaign for Owens Corning’s revolutionary new SunSuites sunroom. We provided complete creative, production and post services to create all four spots from start to finish.

Each spot in the campaign was stylistically unique, and traded on a particular facet of the product’s competitive advantage. But all four had to strongly emphasize the brand proposition that we developed for Owens Corning: ‘Finally. There’s a sunroom that feels like a room.’

Because the product was entirely new to the market, we created the first two spots without benefit of a location installation.  The first spot, “Marker”, was created with a three-day turnaround entirely from animation and still photography. The second, “Never Settle”, was shot against blue screen in the WaveGuide Studios insert stage, where we built a complete Sunroom with a surrounding patio and garden.  W filled in the background with a combination of still images and a 3-D animated living room.  We used the same stage set for still photography to create a magazine ad and leave-behind brochure for the product.  We performed all the graphics and compositing for both the spot and the photos, and wrote and design the print materials as well.

The third and fourth spots, “Bluebird” and “Legacy” were shot at actual SunSuites installations, in Atlanta and on Long Island, New York. The purpose of the first two spots was to introduce the product.  The next two spots were designed to make you lust after it.  The spots focus on the lifestyle a homeowner can enjoy in a sunroom that “actually feels like a room.”