Rising above the Clutter

Davis Advertising Taps Sirius for a 3-D Difference

We recently completed production of a :30 spot for Davis Advertising, highlighting Westvaco Development's southeastern coastal properties.  Combining live-action film with photorealistic 3D animation, the spot depicts a giant blueprint, through which 3D animated characters rise and fall as they take advantage of the amenities offered at Westvaco's planned communities – golf, tennis, cycling, swimming, and business opportunities.

Sirius Images animators Mike Chokran and Marshall Peterson used TDI EXPLORE software to create the animation and precisely match live 35mm footage of a real blueprint being rolled out on a table, which was shot at Techne Films studios, also in Atlanta.  The articulated models were created and animated using TDI's 3Design and Skeleton programs. 

"We were looking for something that would set us apart in a crowded marketplace, and also give a strong 'national' look in a regional spot," said Jim Carver, production director at Davis Advertising.  "Sirius Images gave us all that, and at a very attractive price.  I was especially impressed with their ability to let us play with different options, adjusting colors and textures to 3D models with nearly instantaneous feedback."