Pratt Continues to Choose WaveGuide Studios. Naturally.

Pratt Industries is one of the largest packaging manufacturers in the world – a world leader in manufacturing corrugated packaging from 100% recycled paper.  We’ve worked with Pratt since 1994 to produce audio, video and HD sales, marketing and corporate communications for its North American operations.  They’ve kept us busy lately – we just finished three projects for them: a promotional/sales DVD introducing their latest environmentally-friendly packaging product, NaturalBox™; a corporate video news release featuring CEO Anthony Pratt introducing the company’s expanded commitment to environmental conservation; and a DVD designed to promote the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility to be built in New York City, reducing the city’s carbon footprint by 160,000 tons per year, reducing air and water pollution and dramatically reducing the city’s need for landfill space, which is in desperately short supply in the New York area.  As usual, we were Pratt’s “one-stop-shop” for scriptwriting, casting, video production, audio and HD post, animation and DVD authoring.

Pratt SPC 720.jpg

We really treasure the long-term relationships we’ve built with many of our clients, especially a great corporate citizen like Pratt Industries. After thirteen years, we’re like family – we know their products, history, people and culture. We’ve built up an enormous library of production assets that we can draw upon, and they’re absolutely confident that we’ll provide solid creative and production work.   Pratt believes we’ll present their company in the best possible light, reflecting their environmental leadership and superior quality products.