Alais/Wavefront Maya® Now In-House

We've just put Alias/Wavefront’s new Maya® 3D software package and a Silicon Graphics O2® R12000-powered workstation into the Sirius 3D animation suite.  We’re tremendously excited about this evolution in our capabilities.  We’ve been primarily an Alias/Wavefront studio since we opened our doors in 1990, beginning with TDI Explore®, adding Wavefront Composer®, Kinemation® and Dynamation® in 1994, and Alias Power Animator® in 1995. Maya® combines the strengths of these programs and adds a number of new features, especially related to character animation and soft-body dynamics.  And running it on the new O2®, it positively screams.

Our new capabilities have already been successfully put to the test with animation and CGI effects projects for several commercial and broadcast projects for NorTel, NCR, Allied Industries, ESAB, Serologicals and Firstwave Technologies.

In addition to its 3D animation capability, We offer complete 2D graphics and animation, image compositing, nonlinear digital video post production, multi-track digital audio recording, sound design and sweetening, as well as a complete range of communication and marketing consulting services.