Polishing "Faded Glory"

We’ve just finished post-production work on "Faded Glory," a feature documentary by director Richard Cohen.  "Faded Glory" tells the story of Cohen’s quest to recapture his youth by gathering together National Network, his long-separated amateur baseball team, and making a run for the 2007 National Amateur Baseball Association World Series.

Rick brought us a two-hour rough cut which included a lot of tangential material that was interesting but clouded the line of the main story.  In addition to streamlining the edit, we amplified the stories of the unusual characters that made up the National Network team. We also helped viewers to keep up with the seven baseball games that made up most of the final third of the film by devising a system that expanded and contracted to include only key information about scores, plays, strikes, balls and outs.

Rick was really happy with the work we did for him, so I asked him for a quote, which he kindly supplied: “The post production team from WaveGuide Studios was able to bring this film down to tight, crisp 92 minutes and create a wonderfully touching, unforgiving piece of work. After watching the film, director David Anspaugh and screenwriter Angelo Pizzo ("Hoosiers," "Rudy") officially attached themselves to producing a ‘based on true events’ feature version of the story.  And Sports Illustrated senior writer Phil Taylor screened 'Faded Glory' and decided to do a feature article on the movie and the team.”

faded glory.jpg

Finally, we performed shot-to-shot color correction and audio cleanup for the entire film. Like most documentaries covering live events, there were lots of audio issues, which were compounded by a very short lead-time leading up to the submission deadline for the Sundance Film Festival.  We only had about three weeks to complete the entire project, and with all the edits, we didn’t have picture lock until about three days before the deadline.  But we got through it in time and radically improved the film’s listenability and intelligibility.